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9 Amp AC Contactor, 3 Pole / 4 Pole, 24V/48V/110V/220V Coil

9 Amp AC Contactor, 3 Pole / 4 Pole, 24V/48V/110V/220V Coil
9 Amp AC Contactor, 3 Pole / 4 Pole, 24V/48V/110V/220V Coil
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  • Model: PEACO-CJX2-09
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7 amps / 9 amps / 15 amps / 35 amps AC contactor comes with optional 24V, 48V, 110V or 220V coil voltage, insulation voltage 690V and a wide range of auxiliary contacts, they are used in circuits with a nominal voltage of up to 660V AC with a frequency of 50Hz / 60Hz to start and control AC motors. 3 pole or 4 pole AC contactor provides longer service life, high quality and reasonable AC contactor price is available.

AC Contactor Specifications

Model PEACO-CJX2-09
Rated current* (optional)
380V AC-3 9A
AC-4 35A
660V AC-3 7A
AC-4 15A
Conventional heating current 20A
Rated insulation voltage 690V
Power of controllable 3-phase squirrel cage motor (AC-3) 220V 2.2kW
380V 4.0kW
660V 5.5kW
Operational frequency Electric life AC-3 1200 operations/h
AC-4 300 operations/h
Mechanical life 3600 operations/h
Service life Electric life AC-3 1,000,000 operations
AC-4 200,000 operations
Mechanical life 10,000,000 operations
Matching fusing model RT16-16
Average power consumption at 50Hz, 20℃ Pick-up 76VA
Holding 94VA
Contact Form* (Optional) 3P+NO, 3P+NC, 4P(4NO), 4P(2NO+2NC)
Weight 0.33kg
Certification CCC
Warranty 2 years

Note: For electricity-related maintenance and installation, make sure that the operator holds the qualification for electrical work and takes necessary power-off and insulation protection measures.


  • 32 pieces of iron core with solid materials, the suction is more smooth and tight.
  • Provides silver alloy contacts with strong conductivity and flame retardant housing.
  • With copper coils with strong electromagnetic suction when the coil is energized.

Normal Working and Installation Conditions

1. Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃, the average value should not exceed +35℃ within 24 hours.

2. Altitude: <2000m.

3. Atmospheric conditions: When the temperature reaches 40℃, the relative humidity of atmosphere should be <50%. When at relatively low temperatures, it could have higher relative humidity. Monthly maximum relative humidity could be not more than 90%. Special measures should be taken if there is occurrence of dews due to temperature changes.

4. Class of pollution: Class 3

5. Installation category. Ⅲ

6. Installation conditions: The inclination degree between the installation surface and the vertical surface does not exceed ±5°.

7. Impact shock: AC contactors should be installed and used in the place where there are no strong shakes and impacts.

AC Contactor Dimension (Unit: mm)

AC Contactor Dimension

Amax=47, Bmax=76, Cmax=82, Dmax=115, Emax=135, Fmax=73, a=35, b=50/60, Φ=4.5

AC Contactor Details
AC Contactor Details
AC Contactor Wiring (Taking 220V AC coil voltage as an example.)
AC Contactor Wiring

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