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200A DC Motor Reversing Contactor, 12V/24V

200A DC Motor Reversing Contactor, 12V/24V
200A DC Motor Reversing Contactor, 12V/24V
200A DC Motor Reversing Contactor, 12V/24V
200A DC Motor Reversing Contactor, 12V/24V
200A DC Motor Reversing Contactor, 12V/24V
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  • Model: PEACO-ADC200-2Z
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200A DC motor reversing contactor is equipped for continuous working duty, 2NO and 2NC contact arrangement, 12V/24V coil rated voltage. Other coil voltages can be customized. The DC reversing contactor has high content silver contacts, full copper coil, featuring low power consumption and longer life, widely used in electric vehicle winch.

For more DC contactors and datasheet, please visit here Peaco Support DC contactor catalogue.pdf.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

  1. The upper cover of DC reversing contactor is made of BMC material, which features high mechanical strength, good heat resistance (it can be used under 200℃ for a long time) and good aging resistance.
  2. DC motor reversing contactor adopts high-quality stainless steel material.
  3. The contact assembly uses high-quality and high-conductivity copper and silver contacts, which are reliable in contact, more durable and safer and have an electrical life of over 30,000 times.
  4. The DC contactor comes with Teflon magnetic material, 500,000 movements without abrasion, temperature resistance 155℃ and enameled wire.
  5. The base and coil frame are made of reinforced nylon PA66, which has high strength, high temperature resistance, better flame retardancy and electrical properties.


The DC reversing contactor has two sets of switching contacts, which are used in electric control systems, such as automotive electric winches, telecommunication equipment, construction machinery, battery cars, electric forklifts, trains, ships, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Technical Parameters

Contact Specification
  • Model: PEACO-ADC200-2Z
  • Contact Form: 2NO and 2NC
  • Contact Load (Resistive): 1A~200A, 12VDC~60VDC
  • Electric Life (Resistive): 20,000 times (200A 60VDC)
  • Max. Switching Current: ≤ 7Ie, ≤ 1s
  • Contact Voltage Drop: ≤ 100mV
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (Between Coil and Contact, Between Open Contacts): 50Hz/60Hz 1500V AC/1min
  • Pull-in Time: ≤ 30ms
  • Drop-out Time: ≤ 20ms
  • Max. Contact Bounce Time: ≤ 5ms
  • Load Terminal Size: M8 External
Coil Specification
  • Coil Type: Single Coil
  • Coil Rated Voltage: 12V, 24V, 36V, 60V, 72V
  • Pull-in Voltage: ≤70%Us
  • Drop-out Voltage: ≥ 5%, ≤ 40%Us
  • Coil Power: ≤ 11W
Physical Performance
  • Dimension: 66.5*97.5*100mm
  • Weight: 1020g
  • Certification: CE, RoHS, ISO9001
  • Warranty: 1 year
Use of Environment
  • Altitude: <2 km
  • Temperature Range: -25℃~+55℃
  • Humidity: 5%-85%
  • Protection Grade: IP50
  • Installation Mothed: Any installation
  • Vibration: 2.5G Max. Sin 5Hz-50Hz
  • Impact: 50g, 11ms (half-sine wave)

DC Reversing Contactor Dimension (Unit: mm)

DC Reversing Contactor Dimension

DC Reversing Contactor Wiring Diagram

DC Reversing Contactor Wiring Diagram

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