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1 kW Inverter Generator for Home, Gasoline Powered

1 kW Inverter Generator for Home, Gasoline Powered
1 kW Inverter Generator for Home, Gasoline Powered
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  • Model: PEACO-1000i
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Portable silent inverter generator is powered by gasoline, features auto voltage adjustor, circuit protector, 0.8 kW rated power and 1.0 kW max. power, 8.5 kg weight for easy transport and storage. The inverter generator can connect 1 unit to obtain clean pure sine wave power. An affordable solution for household and outdoor applications.


  1. Fuel Gauge on the Top - Easy to know when to refill.
  2. Built In Handle - Easy to carry the inverter generator with one hand for convenient mobility.
  3. Easy Start - Start with one pull to make the generator start quick and easy.
  4. Intelligent Inverter Technology - Inverter technology with pure sine wave delivers safe, clean power, ideal for sensitive electronics and tools.
  5. Ultra Quiet Design – With fully enclosed case, quiet running noise at only 65dB at rated load.
  6. High Performance Engine - Powerful, great cooling system combined with dual wind channel to reduce consumption and sound levels.
  7. Eco Model Switch -Less waste, quieter and a longer running time.
  8. Built-in Shock Absorber System - Minimize the vibration.
  9. Wide Applications - Portable silent inverter generator produces pure sine wave power, which can be used to some sensitive devices like computer, phone, TV, stereo and other electronics and power tools.


Product Name Inverter Generator
Model PEACO-100i
Rated Power (AC) 0.8 kW
Max. Power (AC) 1.0 kW
AC Voltage/ Frequency* 240V/230V/120V/110V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Output DC 12V, 8.3A
Enigne Type Air-cooled, 2-stroke
Ignition System C.D.I
Start Method Recoil start
Displacement 42.7 cc
Fuel Type Unleaded gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.5 L
Fuel Consumption 550g/ kW*h
Continous Operating Hours (50% of Rated Load) 4 hours
Noise (7m Away) 65 Db
Features Auto voltage adjustor, circuit protector.
Net Weight/ Gross Weight 8.5 kg/ 10 kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 320*250*330mm
Packing Size 330*270*370mm
Certification CE, GS, Euro II, EPA, CARB
Warranty 3 years

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Inverter Generator Details

Inverter Generator Details

KNOWLEDGE BASE --- How Does an Inverter Generator work?

Inverter Generator Diagram

  • Step 1: Produce three phase AC power at up to 20000Hz.
  • Step 2: Convert AC power to DC power.
  • Step 3: Convert DC power to clean AC power at 110 voltages/ 60Hz or 230 voltages/ 50Hz.

Inverter Generator Diagram

Inverter Generator Diagram

  • Conventional Generators: 3000 RPM (50 Hz) or 3600 RPM (60 Hz).
  • Inverter Generators: Engine speed controlled by the inverter unit, changing with the load (up to 5000 RPM).

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