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150A DC Contactor Relay, 12V/ 24V, 1 NO

150A DC Contactor Relay, 12V/ 24V, 1 NO
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150A DC Contactor Relay, 12V/ 24V, 1 NO
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  • Model: PEACO-SJD-150
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150A DC contactor relay features energy-saving board, rated working voltage up to 9V-36V (including 12V DC contactor and 24V DC contactor for options). High stability DC contactor for electric vehicles provides optional auxiliary contact 1NO for better performance, longer electrical life 10,000 times, compact size and easy installation.


1. The reliable sealing enables the DC contactor relay to be used in harsh and explosion-proof environments for a long time and its internal components including coils and contacts are not oxidized. The DC contactor also features low energy consumption, low heat generation, long life, small size and light weight.

2. The DC contactor relay can control high voltage and high current and comes with the inert gas as the medium after vacuuming, can be used for flexible cutting of high current and high voltage. Optional auxiliary contact is available to achieve bidirectional power breaking.

3. Smaller arcs make the contactor more effective and safer to use. The relay is sealed with inert gas, which ensures that there is basically no arc between the contacts when the contactor is in action and magnetic blow-out is adopted to ensure safety.

4. High stability. The internal mechanism and structure of the contactor are completely sealed with the inert gas, free from the interference of adverse external factors and the contact resistance remains stable for a long time.

5. Wide application. DC contactor relays are widely used for DC power control, battery switch control, circuit safety protection, etc.


Model PEACO-SJD-150
Coil Rated Working Voltage (Us) 9-36V DC
Working Voltage Range (20℃) 9-36V DC
Pull-in voltage (20℃) 8V-9V
Release voltage (20℃) 6V-7V
Coil power (20℃) 2W (Maintain)
Coil polarity YES
Main contact Max. continuouse overcurrent 150A
Contact voltage 12-900V DC
Rated control capacity 150A 450V DC
Short-time withstand current 250A 1000S
350A 200S
Contact pull-in time 30ms max.
Contact release time 10ms max.
Max. breaking current (>1 time) 1500A 450V
Contact type 1 set normal open
Contact polarity polarity or nonpolarity
Contact resistor ≤ 2mΩ
Auxiliary contact Contact form 1 set normal open
Contact resistor 15mΩ max.
Max. load 2A 30V DC, 3A 125V AC
Life time Machanical life 200,000 times
Electrical life (L/R ≤1ms) 10,000 times
Dielectric properties Between contacts 3500V AC/ 60 Sec/1mA
Between contacts and coils 2500V AC/ 60 Sec/1mA
Mechanical property Impact 20G peak value, 11 ms 1/2 sine wave
(coil electric connection)
Vibration 20G peak value, 8-2000Hz sine wave
Working Environment Environment temperature -40℃~+85℃
Humidity 5%~85% RH
Altitude <4000m
Certification CE
Weight 432g
  • Drive and control systems for mining equipment and mechanical vehicles.
  • Power control, circuit insulation of industrial machinery.
  • DC switch equipment.
  • Car battery power distribution and backup.
  • Hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging piles and other fields.
  • Solar and wind power generation, etc.

DC Contactor Relay Dimension (Unit: mm)

150A DC Contactor Relay Dimension

150A DC Contactor Relay On and Off Transform


1. When installing the DC contactor relay, a washer should be used to prevent the screw from loosening.

2. DC contactors with polarity shall be wired according to the marks on the product cover, there are no any requirements of incoming and outgoing lines for nonpolarity contactors.

3. Do not install the contactor in a strong magnetic field environment (near the transformer or magnet) or near the heat radiation source.

4. Do not use the contactor when its switching capacity and service life parameters are exceeded.

5. Make sure the working environment temperature between -40°C ~+85°C, too high temperature is easy to accelerate the diffusion of internal inert gas and it is necessary to avoid using the product under too high temperature environment.

6. When the resistive load is connected, it shall be used according to the rated parameters of the main contact. If the inductive load (L load) is connected and L/R > 1ms, the inductive load shall be connected in parallel with the surge current protection device.

7. During wiring and installation, to ensure that the main outgoing end and terminal head are clean and tightened to avoid excessive heating at the connection of outgoing end.

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