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Model: PEACO-D110BLD1000-30S
1kW brushless DC motor comes with 24V/48V, high torque 3.1839Nm, 3000 rpm rated speed. The 3 phase brushless DC motor provides optional brushless motor speed controller and planetary/ worm gearbox for your special projects. Customizable brushless motor with great brushless dc motor price and free sh..
Ex Tax:$699.87
Model: PEACO-D110BLD1500-30S
1.5kW high torque brushless DC motor is a three phase brushless DC motor, featuring rated torque 4.78Nm, 14.33Nm peak torque, rated speed up to 3000 rpm. The BLDC motor is widely used in electric vehicle, etc. 24V brushless DC motor and 36V brushless DC motor are available. Customizable brushless mo..
Ex Tax:$734.85
Model: PEACO-D110BLD2000-30S
2kW brushless DC motor provides high torque 6.37Nm, 48V of voltage, 3000 rpm rated speed. The brushless motor length, shaft, speed, voltage, power, lead, controller can be customized to meet your requirements. High performance 48V brushless DC motor can be used in washing machines, air conditioners,..
Ex Tax:$758.59
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