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Model: PEACO-GDK150-12Z/11-4
11kW spindle motor is a type of water cooled spindle motor for CNC router, using a reliable water cooled system, which is comfortably capable of running for a long time without stopping, making the spindle ideal for wood engraving milling machine. The electric spindle with 12,000rpm working speed, 8..
Ex Tax:$2,376.95
Model: PGH-18-100W
Cost-effective AC gear motor with optional brake, 100W (1/8 hp) rated power, power supply three phase or single phase 110V/220V/380V, wide gear ratio 3 to 200, 0.16 to 9.7 kg.m of output torque, 18mm, 22mm output shaft dia. Quality geared motor for speed control.Specification Model..
Ex Tax:$348.49
Model: PEACO-D2BLD30
Brand-new DC gear motor comes with 30W power, rated speed 3000rpm, 60mm square frame size. 12V/ 24V/ 36V dc motor with gearbox has IP 54 protection grade, high quality with CE, RoHS certified. Cost-effective brushless motor with gear head to reduce the speed while increasing torque output.Specificat..
Ex Tax:$118.69
Model: PEACO-GDZ15
800W CNC water cooled spindle motor for advertising woodworking comes with ER11 collet and 2 PCS of bearings, running at 220V 400Hz, 3.5A, 24000rpm, need to be matched with VFD for use. Φ65*160 mm round spindle motor for wood carving, CNC machine, etc. Inexpensive and especially maintenance-friendly..
Ex Tax:$251.66
Model: PEACO-GDZ17
1.5 kW CNC spindle motor with water cooling supplied firectly from factory, with optional ER11/ ER16 collet, 21000rpm / 40000rpm at 220V 400Hz, 6.0A current, 0.6N.m, VFD is needed for use. Affordable Φ80mm round spindle motor applicable for engraving machine, CNC machine.Features1. The bearings are ..
Ex Tax:$335.87
Model: PGH-18-200W
Three phase AC gear motor from direct factory supply, 200W (1/4 hp) rated power, optional horizontal/ vertical installation, brake, single / three phase 110V/220V/380V rated voltage, 3 to 200 gear ratio. Quality electric motor with die-cast aluminium case, pure copper coils, high temperature resista..
Ex Tax:$396.78
Model: PEACO-D2BLD50
High performance 50W DC gear motor with wholesale price, featuring optional 12V/ 24V/ 36V voltages, 3000rpm running speed, 0.48 N.m max. torque. The DC motor is coupled with unique gearhead, providing you with a highly efficient gear motor solution, low noise and longer service life.Specification ..
Ex Tax:$146.97
Model: PEACO-GDZ18
Top quality 1.5 kW round spindle motor for CNC, with water cooling, ER11/ ER16 collet, 3 or 4 bearings, 3.5A/ 5.0A for options, 24000rpm at 3 phase 220V 400Hz, Φ65mm. The spindle motor price is cheap and widely used in CNC drilling and milling equipment.Features1. The bearings are equipped with dust..
Ex Tax:$449.88
Model: PGH-18-400W
400W (1/2 hp) AC gear motor at competitive price, 200W (1/4 hp) rated power, optional 3-200 gear ratio, DC 24V brake, single phase 110V/220V or three phase 220V/380V rated voltage, can be installed horizontally and vertically. Reliable gearedmotor with precision gear box and all-aluminum cooling fan..
Ex Tax:$485.59
Model: PEACO-D2BLD90
The 90W DC gear motor features 12V/ 24V/ 36V/48V voltages for options, 3000rpm, requires a DC power source and consists of a brushless motor, gear and bearings in a housing, efficient and easy to mount. Supplied directly from manufacturer, cheap price and high quality with CE certified.Specification..
Ex Tax:$186.97
Model: PEACO-GDZ19
220V spindle motor with water cooling, 1.5 kW power, ER11 collet, 3 bearings, 24000rpm at 400Hz. The CNC spindle motor diameter up to 80mm. Matched with VFD for use. High quality with CE certified and 1 year earranty. Competitive price, fast & safe delivery.Features1. The bearings are equipped w..
Ex Tax:$477.85
Model: PEACO-D2BLD150
Good price and high quality 150W DC gear motor for sale, voltage can be 12V/ 24V/ 36V/48V, runs with 3000rpm, 0.48 N.m rated torque and 1.43 N.m max. torque. Durable BLDC motor coupled with a gearbox for you to operate power winches, power seats, power windows and other automotive applications.Speci..
Ex Tax:$223.67
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