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Mini UPS for Router, DC 12V

Mini UPS for Router, DC 12V
Mini UPS for Router, DC 12V
Mini UPS for Router, DC 12V
Mini UPS for Router, DC 12V
Mini UPS for Router, DC 12V
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  • Model: PEACO-UPS-B600
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DC 12V mini UPS for router for sale, affordable price and durable service life. Mini uninterruptible power supply comes built-in 13200mAH battery capacity, AC 100~240 AC / DC 12~13V input voltage range. 12V DC UPS battery backup power supply with full over voltage, overcharge, overdischarge, overload, short circuit protections.

Mini UPS Features

  • The UPS power supply for router features constant 12V DC output.
  • Large-capacity lithium battery with 13200mAH provides long backup time.
  • The intelligent control system of mini UPS has independent hardware and MCU software, dual overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection.
  • No switch control, automatic power will be on or off when the 12V UPS power supply is connected to the load or disconnected. Mains come first.

Mini UPS Specifications

Model PEACO-UPS-B600
Input voltage range AC 100~240 AC / DC 12~13V
Output port DC port
Battery Output voltage DC 12V
Output current Max. 2.5A
External adapter Output voltage DC 12V
Battery capacity 13200mAH
Charging period 12 hours
Dimension 130*75*42mm
Weight 0.42 kg
Operating temperature 0℃~45℃
protect the circuit Over-voltage, overcharging, overdischarge, overload, electric leakage, over current, over temperature and short circuit protection.
Input and output polarity

Certification CE
Warranty 1 year

12V Uninterruptible Power Supply Details

Mini UPS Details

Mini UPS Dimension (Unit: mm)

mini UPS dimension

Operation of Mini UPS for WIFI Router

  1. Connect the load electrical equipment (router) to the UPS output port through the DC adapter cable. 
  2. Connect the adapter to the UPS input port and then plug the adapter into the mains socket.

operation of mini UPS for wifi router

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