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Micro DC Motor, 3100-24000rpm

Micro DC Motor, 3100-24000rpm
Micro DC Motor, 3100-24000rpm
Micro DC Motor, 3100-24000rpm
Micro DC Motor, 3100-24000rpm
Micro DC Motor, 3100-24000rpm
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  • Model: PEACO-DC-RS390
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Powerful micro DC motor provides 9.6V to 18.0V and 3100rpm to 24000rpm, features pure copper coil, low-noise operation, stable performance. RS390 and RS395 DC micro motor is widely used for automotive products, washer pump, electric tool, vacuum cleaner, kitchen appliances, massager. Other parameters can be customized according to customer's demand.


Model (DC-) Voltage (V) No Load At Max. Efficiency Stall Torque
Operating Range Nominal (Constant) Speed Current Speed Current Torque Output EFF
(rpm) (A) (rpm) (A) ( (W) (%) (
RS390-12300 6.0~24.0 9.6V 3100 0.06 2300 0.17 31.0 0.74 49.0 136
RS390-26100 6.0~18.0 12.0V 15000 0.22 12800 1.6 149.0 6.74 61.0 1050
RS395-2370 6.0~24.0 12.0V 10000 0.2 8170 0.89 85.0 6.70 62.0 440
RS395-5015 4.8~18.0 18.0V 24000 2.1 19000 10.5 135.0 27.00 61.0 620

Outline Drawing (Unit: mm)

Micro DC Motor Dimension

Performance Curve

Micro DC Motor Performance Curve

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated forging case. High hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear and rust resistance, longer service life.
  • Pure copper wires wounded. Copper aluminum wires are forbidden to produce. High quality iron core and refined motor rotor.
  • High performance magnetic tile. Long service life, strong magnetism, to improve motor torque and motor efficiency.
  • Branded bearing. Brand new bearings to reduce motor noise and improve service life. DC micro motor quality is guaranteed.
  • Special magnetic coil. High-matching protective magnetic ring is adopted to protect the motor magnetism and improve the service life.
  • End cap and carbon brush. High-quality carbon brushes are used to increase the motor lifespan, and the high-strength motor end cover is highly matched.
  • Motor shaft length and shape can be customized according to requirements.

Micro DC Motor

Micro DC Motor Application
Micro DC Motor Application

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