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CNC Spindle Motor

Model: PEACO-GDF46-2.2
2.2 KW air cooled spindle motor for CNC machine comes with 220V / 380V power, works at 18000rpm/ 24000rpm, ER 20 collet. The air cooled CNC spindle motor can work for long hours, is made of high quality material and there are four types with plug-in, terminal box, flange to choose. Reliable spindle ..
Ex Tax:$526.97
Model: PEACO-GDK110-18Z/4.0
4 kW spindle provides contant torque, working speed up to 18,000rpm, 2.12Nm torque is available and is a kind of water cooled spindle motor. 220V/ 380V CNC spindle motor is optional for your engraving and milling machines. Packed with wooden box, safe and fast delivery for your use.SpecificationsMod..
Ex Tax:$1,077.92
Model: PEACO-GDF46-3.5
3.5 kW air cooled CNC spindle motor for CNC router, optional 220V or 380V of voltage, 18000rpm/ 24000rpm working speed, 1.36 Nm/1.59 Nm high torque, ER25 collet, 4pcs of spindle bearings. Reliable performance with CE, ISO-9001 certified, will be delivered on time and works as expected.Features1. The..
Ex Tax:$619.79
Model: GDK120-9-18Z/5.5-11
5.5 kW water cooled spindle motor features 5.84 N.m - 2.29 N.m torque, max. 18,000rpm running speed. The 380V CNC spindle motor is a kind of constant torque spindle, comes with ER25 collet, efficient water cooling and low noise level and suitable for stone carving / metal engraving.Specificatio..
Ex Tax:$1,195.84
Model: PEACO-GDF60-4.5
4.5 KW air cooled CNC router spindle motor for sale, 220V or 380V voltage, air cooled, ER25 or ER 32 collet can be selected, 4pcs of spindle bearings, well packaged, low price, free shipping. The CNC spindle motor is mainly used with VFD and used for engraving machines to carve materials such as woo..
Ex Tax:$731.58
Model: GDK125-18-24Z/5.5
High power 5.5 kW Water cooled spindle motor provides high speed 18,000 - 24,000 rpm, working at three phase 220V/380V. High performance CNC spindle motor comes with ER25 nut and collet, grease bearing lubrication, low running noise and the constant torque spindle is well suitable for carving / engr..
Ex Tax:$1,297.48
Model: PEACO-GDF46-6.0
6 KW air cooled pindle motor for CNC machine, 220V or 380V of voltage, running with high speed 18000rpm/ 24000rpm, 3.18 Nm torque, ER32 collet, made of aluminum alloy for a smooth and rust-proof shell. Low noise and good heat dissipation. Fairly easy to get running, long life workhorse.Features1. Th..
Ex Tax:$778.19
Model: PEACO-GDK125-18-6.5
6.5 kW water-cooled spindle motor adopts circulating cooling water to take away the heat generated by the spindle motor, which could protect the coil, featuring 18,000rpm, 3.45Nm torque, three phase 220V or 380V. High performance CNC spindle motor with ER32 nut and collet, well suitable for CNC ston..
Ex Tax:$1,267.54
Model: PEACO-GDF60-18Z/7.5
Brand-new 7.5 KW square air cooled pindle motor for CNC router, high quality and great value for the money. 220V/380V, 18000rpm running speed, 3.98 Nm torque, ER32 collet, 4pcs bearings, CE, ISO-9001, SGS certified, made of aluminum alloy for a smooth and rust-proof shell. Heavy-duty 3 phase spindle..
Ex Tax:$819.89
Model: PEACO-GDK125-18Z/7.5
7.5 kW water-cooled spindle motor adopts high quality stainless steel, copper, aluminum, working at the speed of 18,000rpm, 3.45Nm torque, three phase 220V or 380V spindle motor is available for your choosing. Competitive price constant torque spindle is equipped with ER25 nut and collet, applicable..
Ex Tax:$1,378.74
Model: PEACO-GDK125-24Z/7.5
7.5 kW spindle motor comes with efficient & upgraded steel bearing, which significantly improves the hardness and rust resistance, working at 24,000rpm high speed, three phase 220V / 380V and comes with ER32 collet and nut. The water cooled spindle motor adopts water circulation to cool the heat..
Ex Tax:$1,485.74
Model: PEACO-GDF60-18Z/9.0
Good price 9 kW air cooled CNC pindle motor for sale. working with 220V/380V, high speed 18000rpm, 4.78 Nm high torque, ER32 collet. Stable and smooth operation. Reliable CNC spindle motor supplier for well packaged and free shipping.Features1. The bearings are equipped with dust covers, safer to us..
Ex Tax:$1,378.39
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