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Spindle Motor for Engraving & Milling

Model: PEACO-GDK105-9Z/3.0
Low speed spindle motor provides 3 kW power, 220V AC voltage, 20Hz - 150Hz frequency, 2 pole, ER20 collet, running at low speed 1200- 9000rpm. Reliable CNC water cooled spindle motor used for engraving and milling. High quality drilling spindle with 1 year warranty and good price is available.Featur..
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Model: PEACO-GDK105-18Z/4.5
4.5 kW spindle motor for metal milling will save your money and provide high efficiency, featuring three phase 380V AC voltage, 30Hz - 300Hz frequency, 1800 - 18000 rpm, 2 pole, ER20 collet. High performance CNC water cooled spindle motor is widely used for engraving machine rotary processing.F..
Ex Tax:$1,069.67
Model: PEACO-GDK125-9Z/5.5
5.5 kW spindle motor comes with optional 3 phase 220V or 380V AC voltage, low speed 1000 - 9000rpm, 19.5A and 11.0A current and 6 poles, is a kind of low speed spindle moter. High quality CNC water cooled spindle motor is equipped with reliable spindle rotor, spindle dustproof cover and ER32 collet...
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Model: PEACO-GDR58-24Z/0.4
110V CNC spindle motor features 400W power, 0.16Nm motor torque, 400Hz frequency and working speed up to 24,000rpm. The electric spindle motor comes with constant torque, is equipped with a built-in high-precision, high-power DC brushless motor and suits well for wood carving/engraving machine...
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Model: PEACO-GDK58-24Z/0.8
800W water cooled spindle is a constant torque spindle, comes with precision bearing built into the main shaft, featuring 24,000rpm running speed, 0.32Nm torque, 400Hz. The spindle motor for metal milling with constant torque provides ER11 collet and the rotation speed of the main shaft can be arbit..
Ex Tax:$363.92
Model: PEACO-GDK80-24Z/1.5
The 1.5 kW spindle is a water cooled spindle motor, featuring 24,000rpm working speed, 0.60Nm torque, 400Hz frequency, ER11 collet and 220V/380V for selection. High quality engraving spindle with constant torque is comfortably capable of running for a long time without stopping.SpecificationsModel: ..
Ex Tax:$418.96
Model: PEACO-GDK80-24Z/2.2
2.2 kw spindle motor is a high speed spindle motor with 24,000rpm, provides 0.8Nm torque, three phase 220V / 380V optional volages. Complete ER20 spindle motor with wrench for your convenient use. Ideal constant torque spindle for engraving and milling for long, complicated jobs or applications..
Ex Tax:$527.65
Model: PEACO-GDK100-24Z/3.2
3.2 kw water cooled spindle is a constant torque spindle, features 24,000rpm working speed, 1.27Nm torque, ER20 collet, three phase 220V/ 380V for options, the rotating mode is anticlockwise from the shaft extension end. High performance water cooled spindle motor for engraving and milling.Specifica..
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Model: PEACO-GDK105-21Z/3.5
3.5 kw spindle motor comes with 1.59Nm torque, 350Hz frequency, ER20 collet, can work with three phase 220V / 380V and 21,000rpm speed. High performance water cooled spindle motor is a constant torque spindle, is well suitable for wood engraving milling machine.SpecificationsModel: PEACO-GDK105-21Z/..
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Model: PEACO-GDK110-24Z/4.0
4 kW spindle motor for metal milling is available with 1.59Nm torque, 400Hz frequency, 24,000rpm, ER20 collet and three phase 220V / 380V for options. Reliable water cooled spindle motor with stainless steel, copper, aluminum material. High reliability and performance CNC spindle motor your machine ..
Ex Tax:$1,117.68
Model: PEACO-GDK110-18Z/4.0
4 kW spindle provides contant torque, working speed up to 18,000rpm, 2.12Nm torque is available and is a kind of water cooled spindle motor. 220V/ 380V CNC spindle motor is optional for your engraving and milling machines. Packed with wooden box, safe and fast delivery for your use.SpecificationsMod..
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Model: GDK120-9-18Z/5.5-11
5.5 kW water cooled spindle motor features 5.84 N.m - 2.29 N.m torque, max. 18,000rpm running speed. The 380V CNC spindle motor is a kind of constant torque spindle, comes with ER25 collet, efficient water cooling and low noise level and suitable for stone carving / metal engraving.Specificatio..
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