A phase converter is a device that converts single-phase power into multi-phase or multi-phase power into single-phase. Most phase converters are used to generate three-phase power from a single-phase power source, thus allowing three-phase equipment to operate on sites where only single-phase power is served. The phase converter is used in such places where the three-phase service cannot be provided or the installation cost is too high due to the remote location. So that a utility usually charge higher fees for three-phase services because of the need for additional equipment, including transformers, metering and distribution wires.

Peaco Support provides a wide range of phase converters, such as 240V to 415V 3 phase converter, 220V single phase to 380V 3 phase converter, 220V to 440V converter, single phase 230V to 3 phase 400V converter, 110V to 220V 3 phase converter, 240V single phase to 480V three phase converter, etc. The rated output power ranges from 4 hp (3 kW) to 135 hp (100 kW), 50Hz or 60Hz output frequency, converting from single phase to three phase. Input voltage can be 110V/ 220V/ 240V/ 380V/ 415V AC, output voltage is optional 220V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V/ 480V AC and other voltage, frequency and phase of the static phase converter can be customized according to customer's special needs.

Peaco Support phase converters features high quality with CE certified, affordable price so that customers can spend less money to afford a high performance phase converter to meet their needs of single phase to three phase in industrial field.

Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter Price

Rated Output Power AC Input Rated Voltage AC Output Rated Voltage Dimension Weight SKU Price
4hp (3kW) 110/120/220/230/240/380/415/440/480V AC (Optional) 220/380/400/415/440/480V AC (Optional) 550*450*760mm 72kg PEACO-STP-3K $3,199.98
7.5 hp (5kW) 550*450*760mm 72kg PEACO-STP-5K $4,627.68
8 hp (6kW) 550*550*800mm 140kg PEACO-STP-6K $4,955.79
10 hp (8kW) 550*550*800mm 150kg PEACO-STP-8K $5,375.89
15 hp (10kW) 550*550*800mm 150kg PEACO-STP-10K $5,968.98
20hp (15kW) 550*550*860mm 150kg PEACO-STP-15K $7,898.68
25 hp (20kW) 550*550*860mm 150kg PEACO-STP-20K $8,899.86
30 hp (25kW) 600*700*1080mm 180kg PEACO-STP-25K $12,357.89
40 hp (30kW) 600*700*1080mm 180kg PEACO-STP-30K $14,699.89 
50 hp (35kW) 600*700*1080mm 190kg PEACO-STP-35K $15,995.37
55 hp (40kW) 700*750*1300mm 220kg PEACO-STP-40K $23,685.97
70 hp (50kW) 700*750*1300mm 250kg PEACO-STP-50K $28,699.58
100 hp (70kW) 700*750*1300mm 270kg PEACO-STP-70K $34,187.58
135 hp (100kW) 380V/415V/440V/480V AC (Optional) 380V/400V/415V/440V/480V AC (Optional) 900*800*1200mm 300kg PEACO-STP-100K $37,009.87

Peaco Support single phase to three phase converters features input under voltage, over voltage, output over-current, short circuit, overheating, etc. multiple functions, step-down start & frequency conversion dual-mode start, pure sine wave, low frequency transformer, SVPWM space vector algorithm, fault alarm, 24 hrs workin. Output AC power of single phase to three phase converters comes with higher capability of driving load, the phase converters are suitable for various electric appliances, electric tools, electric motors, robots, robot arms, lathes, elevators, inverters, compressors and so on. And the user manual of phave converter are availbale and users can read Peaco Support 15 kW 220V Single Phase to 480V 3 Phase Converter User Manual for referance.