Applications of magnetic particle clutch in automobiles 
Drivers usually switch different gearbox positions to adapt to the changing driving conditions during the driving of car. If there is no magnetic particle clutch to temporarily separate the engine and gearbox, the power transmission gears in gearbox are difficult to be separated because the load is not removed and the pressure between the mesh and tooth surfaces is too large. Even if the power transmission gears are forced into the mesh, they will produce a large impact on the tooth end and easily damage the parts.

However, people can use magnetic powder clutch to temporarily separate the engine and gearbox and then shift gears, then the previous pair of meshing gears will be removed due to the load, and the pressure on the meshing surfaces will be greatly reduced, which makes both easily to separate. The other pair of gears to be meshed will be difficult to mesh because of their unequal peripheral speed. On the contrary, the moment of inertia of the other pair of gears to be meshed is small because the driving gear is separated from the engine, the moment of inertia is small. Thus, the suitable shift action taken by driver can make the peripheral speeds of the meshing gears equal or nearly equal so as to reduce or even avoid the impact between the gears.

Wide applications of magnetic particle clutches and brakes
Nowadays, magnetic particle clutches and magnetic particle brakes have a wide range of applications, including printing machinery, paper machinery, bag-making machinery, paper-making machinery, wire and cable machinery, wire winding machinery, wire machinery, packing and bagging machinery, textile machinery, weaving machinery, woodworking machinery, test equipment, load simulation, precision tension control of various machinery, general industrial equipment and other general industrial machinery.

Industry Machinery Industry Machines Cluthes and Brakes Used in Machines
Printing machinery Offset printing machine, gravure printing machine, letterpress printing machine, rotary press, commercial paper printing machine, etc. Extended shaft clutch / brake (for example, magnetic particle clutch with double shaft), micro magnetic particle clutch / brake.
Paper processing machinery Paper bags making machine, laminating machine, paper making machine, slitting machine, carton making machine, rewinder, coating machine, laminator, cross-cutting, etc. Magnetic particle clutch with hollow shaft & shell rotation, extended shaft clutch and brake.
Metal processing machinery Calender, welding machine, pipe making machinery, wire stretcher, wire forming machine, winding machine, die-casting machine, cutting machine, electroplating equipment, etc. Micro magnetic particle clutch / brake, extended shaft clutch/brake.
Fiber machinery Twisting frame, preparation machine, textile machinery, etc.
Packing machinery Packing machine, baler machine, packing machine, etc. Magnetic particle brake with hollow shaft, micro magnetic particle clutch / brake.
Food processing machinery Meat cutter, filling machine, etc.
Other machinery Reducer, physical and chemical machinery, game machine, load test equipment, resin processing machinery, etc. Extended shaft clutch / brake, micro magnetic particle clutch / brake, magnetic particle clutch with hollow shaft shell rotation, magnetic particle brake with hollow shaft.