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Hydraulic Linear Actuator, 12V/24V, 8000N, 350mm Stroke

Hydraulic Linear Actuator, 12V/24V, 8000N, 350mm Stroke
Hydraulic Linear Actuator, 12V/24V, 8000N, 350mm Stroke
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  • Model: PEACO-FY023
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The hydraulic linear actuator is used to move loads in a straight line like an electric linear actuator. The electric hydraulic linear actuator features 12V/48V optional input voltages, max. 350mm stroke, max. 8000N load capacity, IP67 high protection level. Straight-forward cylinder design, high performance, rugged construction, and can be used in harsh conditions.
Hydraulic Linear Actuator Applications
  • Off-highway vehicles (agricultural, construction, mining, forestry, road work, railway equipment).
  • Special military vehicles.
  • Turf and gardening (lawnmowers, golf carts, tractors, washers, aerial lifts, and other utility vehicles).
  • Industrial equipment (conveyors, loading/unloading equipment, adjustable work tables/tables, door locks on/off).
  • Health, bodybuilding, medical equipment (mentally disabled vehicles, wheelchairs, lifts/beds, sports, fitness and medical equipment).
  • Office and domestic equipment (automatic/garage doors, lifts, doors, satellite dishes).
  • Maritime vessels, ships, ships, and oil rigs (seats, hatches, fire doors, rescue equipment, throttles, throttles).
  • Aircraft landing gear, wing/aileron control, swept wing swing, push-pull commutator.
  • Ventilation equipment, air volume control, processing equipment.
Model PEACO-FY023
Input Voltage* 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V DC
Stroke Length* 150/ 200/ 250/ 300/ 350mm (Optional)
Min. Installation Length 280mm (Stroke ≤150), Stroke+130 (Stroke>150)
Load Capacity* 2000/ 3000/ 4000/ 5000/ 6000N/ 7000N/ 8000N (Optional)
Max. Load 8000N
No-load Speed 17mm/s
With Limited Switch No
Duty Cycle 10%, 2 min. on / 18min. off
IP Rating IP67
Operating Temperature -20°C~+65°C (Customized for special temperature.)
Certification CE
Weight 5-15 kg
1. * denotes optional or customized parameters and you can select every parameter in drop-down lists to complete your order.
2. We can not feed the oil into the linear actuator due to air transport concerns. The customer needs to arrange 46# hydraulic oil locally and fill it into the hydraulic tank.
Hydraulic Linear Actuator Dimension (Unit: mm)
Hydraulic Linear Actuator Dimension
Hydraulic Linear Actuator Load VS Current and Load VS Speed
Hydraulic Linear Actuator Load VS Current and Load VS Speed
The electric hydraulic linear actuator has the following advantages.
1. Hydraulic linear actuator has reliable overload automatic protection performance. Even if it is overloaded to run to the stroke end, the motor will still run normally and it will not get burned or damage other parts.
2. An electric hydraulic linear actuator can get started with load. However electric linear actuators and electric actuators are very difficult to do so.
3. The push and pull force of the same hydraulic linear actuator can be adjusted steplessly within its rated push and pull force range. Therefore, the drive range is wide. But the electric linear actuator and cylinder can not do it.
4. Under the same push force and speed, the electric power consumed by the electric hydraulic actuator is half of that of the electric push rod and the electric actuator.
5. The electric hydraulic linear actuator adopts full hydraulic transmission with sensitive action and stable operation, which can effectively relieve the external impact force and accurately control the stroke.
6. The hydraulic electric actuator comes with a fully enclosed structure integrating electricity and hydraulics. The working oil circuit is circulated in a closed steel cylinder without pressure, which is small in size and does not leak oil, convenient to install and maintain. There is no dust, no water, and no internal corrosion in harsh environments and its service life is longer than that of cylinders, electric linear actuators, and electric actuators.
7. Small investment is available. On the one hand, the cylinder needs to build an expensive air compressor station, the air pressure pipe leaks easily, the air pressure is unstable and the noise is high. On the other hand, the hydraulic cylinder also needs to build a hydraulic station. However, the hydraulic linear actuator can be used only once connected to the power supply.
8. It is easy to maintain. In special cases, users only need to replace the older hydraulic linear actuator. However, if there is something wrong with the hydraulic cylinder, users need to slowly find out the cause of the failure and then carry out careful maintenance, which will affect the normal operation of all work.

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