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5 kW 3 Phase 220V to 3 Phase 460V Converter

5 kW 3 Phase 220V to 3 Phase 460V Converter
5 kW 3 Phase 220V to 3 Phase 460V Converter
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The single phase 220V to 3 phase 460V phase converter features 5 kW (6.8hp) rated output power, converts a wide range of three phase 110V/ 220V/240V/400V AC 50Hz/60Hz input to three phase 220V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V/460V/480V AC 50/60Hz output. LCD + LED display for input and output voltage, current, power, and fault display. A high-performance 3-phase converter provides a more stable and pure power supply for equipment.

For the user manual of phase converters, please contact us.


1. The imported core components provide high quality. The sixth generation IPM module from Mitsubishi is adopted, featuring stable performance, longer service life, strong protection functions, and convenient replacement and maintenance.

2. Three phase converter adopts the central processor DSP28335 chip from American TI company, featuring quick and accurate response, providing stable and clean power for the load.

3. Step-Down Start and Variable Frequency Start Mode: Customers can set start mode according to their load. This phase converter function is well-suitable for a three-phase inductive load and resistive load. In this way, the inverter function can be fully utilized, and the user does not need to expand the capacity of the inverter when using an inductive load. This function is very convenient for the user, and it also reduces the use of the phase converter and thus helps users save equipment costs.

4. The 3-phase converter adopts a modular design and plug-in design which is convenient for maintenance and reduces the cost of machine repair.

5. High-performance 3-phase power converter output pure sine wave with good transient response, little harmonic distortion, high conversion efficiency as well as stable output voltage.

6. Using the SVPWM space vector algorithm the high conversion efficiency, high instantaneous power, low no-load loss, and the conversion efficiency can reach more than 93%.

7. The output AC power is suitable for all types of three-phase appliances, electric tools, electric motors, etc. The converter has higher efficiency and higher capability of driving load.

8. The 3-phase converter has the function of filtering the mains disturbance and interference, featuring stable frequency and stable voltage with excellent performance, to provide a more stable and pure power supply for equipment.

9. Converter adopts humanized safety design and isolation transformer design, input and output are completely electrically isolated, and input and output are equipped with circuit breakers which can help users to decrease costs and install it easily. The electric parts are completely enclosed to prevent electric shock.

10. Full output protection functions are available, such as output overvoltage, overload, over-temperature, short-circuit, and self-diagnostic protections.

11. LCD + LED display can display input and output voltage, current, KWH, and fault display, convenient for customers to quickly find faults and give maintenance.

12. Users can set the input voltage range and output frequency to 50HZ or 60HZ. Additionally, the over-voltage point, under-voltage point, overvoltage recovery point, and under-voltage recovery point can be set via the LCD panel.

13. The input voltage, output voltage, frequency, and phase can be customized as per customer's special needs.


Isolation s Low Frequency Transformer
Material Aluminum coil
AC Input Input rated voltage Single phase 220V AC
Input rated voltage range* 110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V/ 480V AC (Optional)
Input rated current 22.7A, 220V
Input Frequency 60Hz
AC Output Rated output power 6.8 hp (5 kW)
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Phases Three phase, 4 wire
Output rated voltage 460V AC ± 2%
Output voltage range* 220V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 440V/ 480V AC (Optional)
Output rated current6.2 A, 460V
Output Frequency 60Hz
Power Factor (PF) 0.99
Overload Ability 150%, 10s
Inverter efficiency >90%
Voltage accuracy
Load balancing≤1%, unbalanced load≤5%
Waveform distortion rate (THD) Linear load ≤ 1%, nonlinear load ≤ 3%
Dynamic Response 5%, ≤50ms (load 0~100%)
Display LCD+LED
Running mode Working continuously
Electrical insulation 2000V AC, 1 minute
Protection Function Protection Input under voltage, overvoltage, output overcurrent, short circuit, overheating, etc
Cooling method Intelligent fan cooling
Short-circuit protection No automatic recovery, need to restart the machine
Working environment Working temperature -20℃~+50℃
Humidity 0~90%, No condensation
Noise (1 meter) ≤55dB
Protection Grade IP20 (indoor)
Altitude ≤3000m
Others Dimension 424*680*297mm
Weight 105kg
Certification / Warranty CE / 1 year
Note: * denotes optional or customized parameters; you can select every parameter in drop-down lists to complete your order.

Guidelines for 3 phase converter sizing :

  • Categorize the load as resistive or inductive load.
  • The inrush current of the load should be less than 150% of the phase converter rated current for 10sec to choose the equivalent capacity of the Peaco Support Phase Converter.
  • Choose our single-phase to three-phase VFD for an AC motor having a load capacity below 30hp.
  • Phase converter sizing should be 5~8 times the motor capacity for no soft start and no 3-phase VFD motor applications.
  • Phase converter sizing should be 3~4 times the motor capacity when the motor runs with a soft start.
  • Phase converter sizing should be 1.5~2 times the motor capacity when the motor runs with a 3 phase converter VFD.
  • The input and output frequency of the load and input supply must be the same.
  • The site facility must have a dedicated input circuit current capacity to supply the single-phase AC for utilizing the 100% capacity of the phase converter.
  • Let us understand the static phase converter sizing with an example, assume that the user has an input supply of 220V single phase, the operating load is 20 kW, 480V, 22A FLA, Inrush current is 32 Amps < 7 sec.
Input dedicated circuit: 20*1000/220 = 91A; User should have dedicated input circuit 91~120A for phase converter
Output rated current: 20*1000/(480*1.73) = 24 Amps, Overload current 150% of 24 = 36 Amps for 10 sec
Load inrush current: 32A, < 7sec; the inrush current and time of load < overload current and time of phase converter
So, Peaco Support 20kW single-phase to three-phase converter is suitable for the above application.

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