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2 Way Solenoid Valve for Steam Hot Water Oil, 12V/24V

2 Way Solenoid Valve for Steam Hot Water Oil, 12V/24V
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2 Way Solenoid Valve for Steam Hot Water Oil, 12V/24V
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2 way solenoid valve is used to solely start/stop the flow of the media and can be designed as commonly normally closed (power to open) and normally open (power to close), featuring a wide selection of port sizes ranging from 3/8", 1/2" to 2", 12V DC, 24V DC, 110V AC, 220V AC for coil voltage. The pilot operated solenoid valve is made of brass or stainless steel material. Good sealing properties, durability, and reliability.

  1. Features: The 2 way solenoid valve comes with pilot operated diaphragm construction, less power consumption for long time working, widely used for long-time working in pipeline system.
  2. Medium: steam and hot water, oil, etc.
  3. Temperature: P-PTFE : -5°C~100°C, V-VITON: 10°C~120°C
  4. Pressur: 0.05-1.6Mpa
  5. Port Size: Thread : 3/8"~2", Flange: 1/2"~8"
  6. Connection Form (Optional)* : Thread (BSPP, BSPT, NPT), FLANGE
  7. Port Diameter (mm) (Optional)* : 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200
  8. Voltage (Optional)* : DC- 12V, 24V. AC-24V, 120V, 240V/60Hz, 110V, 220V/50Hz
  9. Voltage Tolerance : ±10%
  10. Coils Type & Voltage & Protection* : S21H, 24VA (AC), 18W (DC), IP65, 100% ED
  11. Material : 
  • Body - Stainless steel, brass
  • Seal(Optional)* - VITON, PTFE
  • Magnetic Isolation Tube - Stainless steel 304
  • Moving Core - Stainless steel 430F
  • Static Core - Stainless steel 430F
  • Springs - Stainless steel 304
  • Shading Rings - Copper
  • Certificate : CE, RoHS, ISO9001, FDA, Testing Report
  • Warranty : 1 year
Specification (HKO9 Series Normally Closed, S21H Coil)
Port Size Port Diameter Flow Rate (Cv) Min. Pressure Max. Pressure
AC (22VA) DC (17W)
3/8" 12mm 4.5 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
1/2" 15mm 4.5 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
3/4" 20mm 9.3 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
1" 25mm 12 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
1¼" 32mm 24 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
1½" 40mm 29 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
2" 50mm 48 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
F1" 25mm 12 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
32mm 24 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
40mm 29 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
F2" 50mm 48 0.05MPa 1.6MPa
Note: * is for optional parameters and you can select every parameter in drop-down lists to complete your order.
2 Way Solenoid Valve
Solenoid Valve Dimension (Unit: mm) - HK09 Series
Solenoid Valve Dimension
1/2" (DN10, 15) 73 48 113 13.5
3/4" (DN20) 83 60 125 16.5
1" (DN25) 100 72 138 20
1-1/4" (DN32) 130 96 140 24
1-1/2" (DN40) 130 96 140 28
2" (DN50) 155 122 149 36
Solenoid Valve Dimension (Unit: mm) - HK09-F Series with Flange
Solenoid Valve Dimension
G A B C D E n-φd
1" ((DN25)) 130 Φ115 Φ85 Φ65 175 4-Φ14
1-1/4" (DN32) 160 Φ140 Φ100 Φ78 187 4-Φ18
1-1/2" (DN40) 160 Φ150 Φ110 Φ85 187 4-Φ18
2" (DN50) 190 Φ165 Φ125 Φ100 200 4-Φ18
2-1/2" (DN65)
Φ185 Φ145 Φ120
3" (DN80)
Φ200 Φ160 Φ135
4" (DN100)
Φ235 Φ180 Φ155

What will affect the life of the solenoid valve coil?
Although the service life of the solenoid valve coil generally depends on the coil quality itself, its actual service life will be affected by many application factors.
1. The heating problem that occurs during the use of the coil. The solenoid valve coil will generate heat under normal application conditions because of electricity. However, if the temperature of the solenoid valve is relatively high due to various external enviroment, the heat will shorten its service life.
2. Poor power supply. If there are bad application problems in the power supply during the application of the solenoid valve coil, such as excessive voltage or excessive current of the power supply, it will also have a certain bad impact on the coil life.
3. Long-term contact with excessive humid air. If users use the solenoid valve coil in the humid air for a long time, the coil life will also get impacted. In a word, the life of the solenoid valve coil will be affected by the above application factors. Therefore, in order to ensure that solenoid valve coil can be used for a long time, it is necessary to avoid the above situations.

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