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Power Inverter

Model: PP-1200-B
PEACO Support power inverter with digital display, 1200 watt continuous power & 2400 watt surge power, once installed onto your 12V/ 24V/ 48V system, you get the use of socket providing 110V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V AC power for running your electrical appliances. 12 volt to 220 volt inverter with chea..
Ex Tax:$398.00
Model: PEACO-F6000
Affordable price car battery charger is designed for charging all types of 6V & 12V lead-acid batteries, AGM battery and Lithium battery, including Wet, Gel, EFB, MF, CA. 110V 60Hz/ 220V 50Hz input voltage, 6A charging current. The smart charger for car comes with LCD display, ABS material housi..
Ex Tax:$112.98
Model: PP-1500-B
1500 watt pure sine wave inverter with LCD display, USB port, 12V/ 24V/ 48V DC to 110V/ 220V/ 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz to choose, providing clean, stable and high quality AC power, ideal 12 volt to 220 volt inverter qualified for powering various electrical appliances & vehicles. Affordable price, fre..
Ex Tax:$456.59
Model: PP-2000-B
Brand-new 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter, supplied from factory directly, 2000 watt continuous power & 4000 watt surge power, converting converts DC 12V/ 24V/ 48V power into useful AC 110V/ 220V/ 240V power. The 2000w inverter with LCD display is well suited to car and home.SpecificationModel..
Ex Tax:$548.56
Model: PEACO-6859U
Automatic car battery charger with LCD display comes with 2A/8A/12A charging current, 110V or 220V AC input voltage. The 12V car battery charger provides standard copper wire, which produces less heat and extends longer service life. Competitive price vehicle battery charger is equipped with 5V..
Ex Tax:$177.95
Model: PP-2500-B
High efficiency DC-AC inverter converts 12/ 24/ 48 Volts DC to 2500 watt of pure sine-wave AC power at 100/ 110/ 120/ 220/ 230/ 240 Volts, 50Hz / 60Hz. The pure sine wave inverter is a great solution for powering loads from your computer, printer, TV, car, boat, RV or solar system batteries.Specific..
Ex Tax:$652.84
Model: PP-3000-B
3000W pure sine wave inverter for safe and reliable use in car, RV, boat, emergency backup and off-grid applications, 3000 watt continuous power and 6000 watt surge power, converting 12V/ 24V/ 48V DC power to 110V-240V, 50Hz/ 60Hz. High quality and affordable price. Optional remote control, LCD disp..
Ex Tax:$788.89
Model: PP-4000-B
4000W pure sine wave inverter for converting 12V/24V/48V DC to 110V/220V/240V AC, 4000 watt continuous power, 8000 watt peak power. The 12 volt to 220 volt inverter can take on many heavy tasks like running 110 volt compressors, computers and other demanding applications.SpecificationModel: PP-..
Ex Tax:$935.87
Model: PP-5000-B
Factory price 5000W pure sine wave inverter with LCD display converts 12V/ 24V/ 48V DC power to 110V/ 220V/ 240V AC power, 5000 watt continuous and 10000 watt surge power with pure sine wave output. Designed to run 100V ~ 240V equipment including vehicles, computers, printers, etc.SpecificationModel..
Ex Tax:$1,308.67
Model: PP-6000-B
6000W pure sine wave inverter for sale. 6000 watt continuous power and 12000 watt peak power,50Hz / 60Hz output frequency, converts 12V/ 24V/ 48V DC power into clean, stable 110V/ 120V/ 240V AC power that is ideal for running home appliances or vehicle, such as televisions, computers and lights.Spec..
Ex Tax:$1,499.86
Model: PM-300-C
Modified sine wave inverter for car and home provides 300 watt continuous DC to AC power and 600 watt instantaneous power, featuring 1 AC outlet, 1 USB port and 1 universal cigarette lighter plug for fast charging. The 12 volt to 220 volt inverter converts 12V, 24V or 24V DC from battery to 110V or ..
Ex Tax:$84.95
Model: PM-500-C
Reliable 12 volt to 220 volt inverter for sale. Low price and high quality 500 watt car power inverter features modified sine wave, a USB charging port, 2 x surge, a compact and intelligent air cooling design. DC-AC inverter converts 12V/ 24V/ 48V DC to 100V/ 110V/120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V AC at 50Hz/6..
Ex Tax:$118.69
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