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Servo Motor

Model: P-130ST-M06025
High quality 1.5 KW AC servo motor is equipped with 6.0 N.m holding torque, 18.0 N.m maximum output torque, 130*130mm frame size and 2500rpm rated speed, providing 2500 PPR incremental encoder / 17bit absolute encoder and brakes for option. Best servo motor for CNC, robotics and high performance and..
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Model: P110ST-M06030
Hot sale 1800W AC servo motor features 110*110mm motor frame size, 220V rated voltage, 5.0 Nm holding torque, 15.0 N.m peak torque and 3000rpm rated speed, 2500 PPR incremental encoder / 17bit absolute encoder available, and 1m or 3m encoder cable and power cord for your choice. Mainly used in autom..
Ex Tax:$968.57
Model: PEACO-180ST-M17215
PEACO SUPPORT provides high quality AC 2.7 KW servo motor, featuring 17.2 N.m holding torque, 43.0 N.m maximum high torque, 180*180mm frame size and 1500rpm high speed, optional encoders, gear box and brakes. Best AC servo motor for CNC machining equipment, food processing machine, material conveyin..
Ex Tax:$1,286.58
Model: PEACO-180ST-M27010
Best price AC 2.9 KW servo motor for sale, equipped with 27.0 N.m holding torque, 67.0 N.m peak torque, 180mm frame size and 1000rpm high speed, incremental encoder / 17-bit absolute encoder, gearbox and brakes for option. High quality AC servo motor provides more accurate positioning control for hi..
Ex Tax:$1,334.58
Model: PEACO-180ST-M35010
AC 3.7 KW servo motor is equipped with 35.0 N.m holding torque, 70.0 N.m maximum output high torque, flange 180 mm and 1000 rpm high speed, providing encoders and brakes for option. Cost-efficient AC servo motor for various demands, such as printing equipment, medical equipment, laser machine, cutti..
Ex Tax:$1,587.69
Model: PEACO-D40M-R1630
Good price brushless DC servo motor with DC servo drive features 50W rated power, 0.16Nm torque, 3000rpm rated speed. The 24V servo motor has high performance with compact structure, fast response, low noise, low vibration. Cost-effective DC servo motor in control system is widely used in machine to..
Ex Tax:$208.58
Model: PEACO-D40M-R3230
100W DC servo motor in control system for sale, 0.32Nm torque, 3000rpm working speed, frame size 40*40mm. The 24V servo motor matched with DC servo drive forms DC servo motor control system, widely used in machine tools, textiles, plastics, printing, building materials, packaging, woodworking fields..
Ex Tax:$255.28
Model: PEACO-D60M-R6430
DC servo motor is a motor that is used in servo systems. 200W brushless DC servo motor comes with optional DC servo drive and brake, features lightweight, low-inertia armatures that respond quickly to excitation-voltage changes. 12V DC servo motor, 48V DC servo motor are available. Affordable DC ser..
Ex Tax:$312.54
Model: PEACO-D60M-01330
High quality DC servo motors with DC servo motor controller are designed to meet demanding industrial applications, such as robotics, machine tools, textiles, medical equipment, etc. DC servo motor in control system features 400 watt power, 300 rpm rated speed, optional 24V/48V DC rated voltage, ser..
Ex Tax:$379.68
Model: PEACO-D60M-01930
A servo motor is a rotary actuator that can control angular position precisely, is matched with servo drive for precise control of the rotary position of the motor. The brushless DC servo motor comes with 24V/48V/72V DC rated voltage, 600W power, runs at 3000rpm, 60*60mm frame size, optional DC serv..
Ex Tax:$485.27
Model: PEACO-D80M-02430
Peaco Support brushless DC servo motor with DC servo drive forms DC servo motor control system, optional 24V/48V/72V DC rated voltage, 750 watt power, 3000 rpm working speed. High quality servo motors are designed for challenging environments. Good DC servo motor price, free shipping worldwide.Featu..
Ex Tax:$515.89
Model: PEACO-80TM-03230C10-C
Peaco Support standard or customized brushless DC servo motor and DC servo drive are your suitable motion control solution that meets your exact requirements. The DC servo motor features 1 kW rated power, 3.2Nm torque, 3000rpm working speed. High performance 48 volt servo motor and 72 volt servo mot..
Ex Tax:$548.67
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