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Soft Starters

Model: PEACO-ZJR2-35000
High power 680 hp (500 kW) soft starter provides a high-performance CPU, strong heat dissipation, multi-functional operation, LCD screen, stable current, high quality imported components. With multi-protections, over-current, overload, over-heat, under-voltage, over-voltage, input phase, load short-..
Ex Tax:$4,359.49
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-36000
Soft starter for sale. High power 815 hp (600 kW) soft starter features smart start, multi-function operation panel, copper-plated terminals, strong heat dissipation, input voltage three-phase 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 440V, 480V for options, controls the acceleration and deceleration of a motor. Feat..
Ex Tax:$4,687.39
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-B3110
15 hp soft starter with affordable price provides internal bypass to make current stable. 23A at 380V, 11 KW capacity, available for three phase 220V, 440V, 690V. High efficiency motor soft starter to control induction motors in soft start and in soft stop. Energy saving, easy to operate.Soft Starte..
Ex Tax:$589.68
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-B3150
20 hp (15kW) soft starter with internal bypass, comes from factory directly, uses three phase 220V, 440V, 380V, 690V, etc. rated voltages, providing start and stop modes, full protection functions, designed for many applications, such as compressors, pumps, conveyors, chillers and crushers.Soft Star..
Ex Tax:$658.37
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-B3185
25 hp motor soft starter with bargain price, equipped with internal bypass, expands motor functionality and efficiency. 50Hz/ 60Hz frequency, three phase 220V, 240V, 380V, etc. rated voltages. Providing smooth acceleration & deceleration for standard AC induction motors.Soft Starter User Manual ..
Ex Tax:$724.68
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-B3220
22kw soft starter soft starter comes with three phase 380V, 440V, 480V, 690V input voltage, optional RS-485, with built-in bypass can reduce heat generated by the starter, which minimizes enclosure sizes and reduces your costs. Very cost-effective and necessary motor soft starter.Soft Starter User M..
Ex Tax:$765.79
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-B3300
40 hp hybrid soft starter features 30 kW, three phase 380V, 440V, 480V, 690V, etc., internal bypass. High performance motor soft starter is widely used with fans, pumps, compressors, textile machines and other electromechanical devices.Soft Starter User Manual : Peaco Support soft starter user manua..
Ex Tax:$827.85
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-B3370
The hybrid soft starter is equipped with built-in bypass contactor to make three phase induction motors in soft start and soft stop. 50 hp (37) kW capacity, three phase 380V, 415V, 440V, 480V, 690V, etc., 75A high current at 380V. Easy to control, longer using life, competitive price.Soft Starter Us..
Ex Tax:$898.67
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-B3450
Cheap and easy-to-use 60 hp hybrid soft starter with internal bypass for sale, 45 kW three phase standard voltage 380V, 440V and high input voltage 480V, 690V, etc. 90A at 380V. Energy saving, greatly efficient motor soft starter to decrease operational costs by minimizing excess heat buildup.Soft S..
Ex Tax:$969.99
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-B3550
75 hp hybrid soft starter with competitive price comes with 55 kW capacity, three phase 380V, 415V, 480V, 690V, etc. input voltage for selection. With the compact soft starter with built-in bypass, the motor can be started or stopped smoothly.Soft Starter User Manual : Peaco Support soft starter use..
Ex Tax:$1,050.58
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-B3750
Three Phase 100 hp (75 kw) built-in bypass motor soft starter has 150A at 380 voltages, optional 3-phase 380V, 415V, 480V, 690V, etc. With digital display, over-load, over-heat protections and more, makes heavy duty motors in soft start/ stop. Free shipping and affordable price.Soft Starter User Man..
Ex Tax:$1,218.94
Model: PEACO-ZJR2-B3900
Low cost three Phase 90 kw soft starter features 180A at 380 voltages, 3-phase 380V, 415V, 440V, 480V, 690V, etc. for options. With built-in bypass and overload protection, a 120 hp soft starter makes for a compact, convenient and complete starting solution.Soft Starter User Manual : Peaco Support s..
Ex Tax:$1,325.66
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