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Inner Rotor BLDC Motor

In inner or internal rotor BLDC motors, a rotor with permanent magnets rotates around an axis in a fixed stator with coils around it. Our 3 phase internal rotor brushless motors has square type and round type. The square inner rotor BLDC motors has the frame size 42*42mm, 60*60mm, 70*70mm, 80*80mm, 90*90mm and 110*110mm for options and the round ones feature various diameter ranging from 22mm, 28mm, 33mm, 36mm, 42mm to 57mm. With different windings for 15V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V/ 60V and 160V, diffirent working speed, rated torque and rated power can be slected according to your needs, high power, high speed and high performance.

Gearbox, encoder, connector and brake can be chosen as your customization options for inner rotor BLDC motors.

Model: PEACO-80BLS
Three phase brushless DC motor with inner rotor features high power 300W, 500W, 700W and 1000W at 48V to provide high torque 0.9N.m-3.0N.m, 70*70mm motor size, brake, connector and encoder can be selected for your needs and can be applied for industry conveyor belt control application, medical ..
Ex Tax:$237.59
Model: PEACO-86BLCD-1
From 110W to 660W rated power inner rotor brushless DC motor for sale, with competitive price and high performance, 86X86mm square frame size, three phase, 8 poles, rated torque up to 0.35N.m to 2.1N.m, peak torque 1.05N.m to 6.3N.m, CE, RoHS certified. High power BLDC motors for household, industri..
Ex Tax:$216.48
Model: PEACO-86BLCD-2
High power brushless motor comes with 48 voltages DC, 86*86mm square frame size, motor lengths ranging from 64mm to 134mm, rated power 130W, 250W, 400W, 500W, 600W, 700W, 800W for options. Featuring with less heat and less noise, suitable for use in a number of sensitive applications, including..
Ex Tax:$219.57
Model: PEACO-90BLS90
High speed 5300rpm brushless motor with inner rotor features 160 voltages, 220 watt rated power, 90*90 square frame size, 0.4N.m rated torque. The internal rotor BLDC motor can be combined with encoder, brake and connector for your good solution and is designed to make belt convey with products much..
Ex Tax:$256.94
Model: PEACO-110BLS
110mm inner rotor brushless DC motor highlights high power density, low moment, superior heat dissipation and lower temperature rise, features high power 942W and 1413W, running speed up to 3000rpm, three phase and 8 poles, 60V DC, suitable for boat, car, fan, home appliances, traction Motor, p..
Ex Tax:$358.67
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