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Model: PEACO-TG50-200
The hydraulic actuator features a wide selection of 12V/24V/48VDC, 220VAC input voltages, jacking force 2.5T, 200mm stroke length, and noise<80dB. The whole setup is made of a hydraulic station, oil cylinder, self-locking mechanism, overflow valve, and reversing valve, and can be used directly once ..
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Model: PEACO-ZY-60
Quarter turn electric valve actuator with large torque 6000Nm, optional overloading protection or heat dehumidifier, AC 24V/110V/220V/380V voltage, on/off type. Fully enclosed squirrel-cage motor powering 90 watt. Small size, applicable to paper making, water treatment, oil, gas, etc..Specification ..
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Model: PEACO-TG50-285
The hydraulic push rod is one of the hydraulic linear actuator types, featuring overload, overheat protection, and hydraulic cylinder bidirectional self-locking. 2.5T jacking force, 285mm stroke length, 12V/24V/48VDC, 220VAC input voltage, 300W/ 800W power are available. High-performance electric hy..
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Model: PEACO-ZY-100
1000Nm high torque electric valve actuator with a swinging arm can be matched with butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve, operates with 90°rotation, power supply AC24V/ AC110V/ AC220V/ AC380V for option, IP67, on-off type, low cost and high performance.Specification Model PEACO-ZY-1..
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Model: PEACO-ZY-200
On-off electric valve actuator with good price, high torque 2000Nm, used with electric butterfly valve, ball valve with 90° rotation, selectable power supply AC 24V~380V, protection grade IP67. Quarter turn operation with compact design.Specification Model PEACO-ZY-200 Power ..
Ex Tax:$998.98
Model: PEACO-DJ810
High speed linear actuator comes with 32mm/s travel speed, 12V/ 24V DC voltage, max. dynamic load 4000N, standard & custom 50mm~600mm stroke length, aluminum alloy shaft, limit switches built at both ends, hall sensor position feedback is available. It is also a hospital bed linear actuator wide..
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Model: PEACO-HTA28
Micro electric actuator provides low noise, compact installation size and optional hall sensor. 12V/ 24V input voltage, 300N - 2500N, 50mm - 450mm stroke are availbale to choose. The small linear actuactor is especially suitable for X-ray machine or other medical applications and can also be used in..
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Model: PEACO-DJ806
Brand-new micro linear actuator for sale online, waterproof design, 12V/ 24V DC voltage, max. dynamic load 1200N, standard & custom 50mm~600mm stroke length, 5.5 to 80mm/s travel speed, signal feedback potentiometer or hall sensor is provided to meet your needs. Cost-effective electric linear ac..
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Model: PEACO-TG50S
Custom hydraulic linear actuator for sale, optional 12V/24V/48VDC, 220VAC input voltage, stroke length 50~450mm, 2.5T jacking force, 1.5T retracting force, 300W/ 800W power. The pressure output interface, installation size, and cylinder stroke can be customized according to the customer's speci..
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Model: PEACO-DJ825
Good price medical linear actuator comes with 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 48V DC voltage, max. dynamic load 2000N, standard & custom 50mm~600mm stroke length, 6 to 15mm/s travel speed, IP65 protection, waterproof and low noise. The hospital bed linear actuator is widely used in electric nursing bed, electric..
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Model: PEACO-DJ809
Miniature linear actuator features 12V/24V DC voltage, max. dynamic load 2000N, 50mm~600mm stroke length, 400mm max. stroke without sensor, optional signal feedback potentiometer or hall sensor. IP 65. New low price electric linear actuator for industrial application.FeaturesWith miniature DC perman..
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Model: PEACO-DJ801
Small linear actuator with 12V/24V DC is well suited for furniture application, featuring micro DC permanent magnet motor, small size, easy installation, 12V/24V DC input voltage, hall sensor for options, 4.7mm/s-28mm/s no-load speed, max. dynamic load up to 6000N, 50mm~600mm stroke length, aluminum..
Ex Tax:$179.79
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